Teen Addiction Anonymous

a 12 step program generated by teens for teens with teens
To date, there have been over 20,000 times a teen has opted to attend meetings for support and outreach.
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Our Mission
The mission of Teen Addiction Anonymous is
to empower all youth
to believe in, to focus upon, and to commit to
positive personal success
through the MPOWRD leadership program.

The Reality
The top three reasons that teens are dying in our nation:
accidental deaths (inclusive of overdoses)
binge drinking

Measures of America, a research and development firm, studied the top twenty-five metropolitan cities and stated that "One in Seven Youth" are not working nor are they in school.

It is time to empower our youth to work on the concept of preventive behavior
and develop empowerment skills through undonditional peer support.

In order to fulfill our collective mission, the support of our community is imperative. Teen AA spends less than 11% of its funding on administrative cost which means 89% of all monies go directly to program implementation and scholarships.

There are many opportunities to support our teens through Teen AA. A key way is to donate your tax deductible dollars or through individual donations and sponsorships.

Support Teen AA to Empower Teens

Every $1,100 donated will provide training and sustainable services for facilitation of this program for hundreds of teens throughout a high school or a youth support agency.  

Teen AA’s MPOWRD leadership and prevention program
was conceptualized and developed by, with and for teens.
To date, over 20,000 times a teen have opted to attend an MPOWRD group.
It is time to listen to the voices of our youth!

To support this generation to develop life skills that will transition into life:

  • OR Send a check to: Teen Addiction Anonymous
    PO Box 20524
    Phoenix, Arizona 85036-0524

For more information contact Susan Rothery at 623.581.0284 Email: srothery@teenaa.org. or William L. Brown at 602.329.1588, Email: wbrown@teenaa.org.