Teen Addiction Anonymous

a 12 step program generated by teens for teens with teens
To date, there have been over 20,000 times a teen has opted to attend meetings for support and outreach.
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Three Hands

An adolescent program for teens building:

                                  Positive Decisions

 2B MPOWRD provides materials for age-appropriate discussion groups presenting some of the most challenges topics facing adolescents today.  The curriculum is based on the evidence-based, award-winning high school program MPOWRD and creates an opportunity for teens to develop the confidence and communication skills to address issues that they face at each developmental level.

 2B MPOWRD is inclusive of the following topics:

 BOOK ONE-covers development of communication skills while building confidence

 Who am I?-Changes in Life-Communication-Habits-Families
 Fear-Friends-Generosity-Bullies-Pay it Forward

 BOOK TWO-covers understanding adolescent challenges

 Believing in Me- What does depression feel like?- Anger- Denial- Anxiety- Am I the Bully?
Who knows loneliness?- Free to be original-
 Losses in life- Loyalty

 BOOK THREE-covers transitioning into positive leadership and healthy decisions

 Action Plan- Addictive Behavior- Balance in Life- MPOWRD is Empowered 
What can I control?-What is a Leader- Higher Power
Prejudice- Love yourself- Letting go

 MPOWRD Training Certification provides a 2 day inclusive of 2B MPOWRD. /Fee: $750 per person

 MPOWRD support groups for grades 6-7-8 require consumable books
with pages for student processing and activities to show proof of concept.

 Each of the above subject areas has two lessons for a total of 20 group meetings.

 Books are $15 each.  Groups average 12 teens.

2B Happy Kids

2B MPOWRD Teen Testimonies

"I learned how to make friends and how to be confident."

            "I learned how to love everyone and to share things with others."

"We have the ability to make a difference."

           "We need to stand up for someone else."

 "We need to always stand up for ourselves."

             "I feel that I have learned a lot about bullying, friendship and empowerment."                                                           

"We should help and support others, not bully them."

           "Bullying can make people feel the opposite of empowered."

"We can find help to be empowered."

            "We can all make a change in the world."

 "I learned that believing in yourself is the strongest weapon that you can possess."

            "True friends are always going to be your best allies."

 "I need to stick up for myself.  This could help me to open up to people a bit more."

           "I could help other people feel like they're not alone and I could make some good friends."

"I can begin to believe in myself."

           "I learned how to help friends who are depressed and bullied."     

 "Don't judge yourself or others."