Teen Addiction Anonymous

a 12 step program generated by teens for teens with teens
To date, there have been over 20,000 times a teen has opted to attend meetings for support and outreach.
More Results


Research has proven that participation in MPWORD meetings has:

  • improved attendance
  • lessened behavioral problems
  • increased test scores/graduation rates with our at-risk populations
  • enhanced family communication
  • improved the quality of education on campus

Data tracking and program support will provide continuous verification of program reliability and success.

How To Begin

  1. Engage and educate staff in MPOWRD program dynamics.
  2. Identify passionate support personnel to be trained.
  3. Communicate to parents/guardians the positive implications of this program.
  4. Define outreach to interested and supportive teens for MPOWRD program participation.


Ideally MPOWRD meetings can be available in multiple youth facilities, such as: schools, juvenile corrections, community outreach centers, and provider agencies. The organization has continued to build a common transitional opportunity for all youth.


As the creators of this organization, teens recognize that Teen AA's MPOWRD groups belong to them. They are the leaders who run the meetings, ensure unconditional support for their peers, model the fidelity of the program, and implement the structured format and curriculum.